Refuse to Conform Review Part 2 and NEWSSSSS!!!

Sooooooo… I missed my post last week! I know, I know, I’m a terrible blogger! No excuses, I apologise!

HOWEVER, I have another review anddd some news!

News first, I’M GOING TO THAILAND!!!! This Thursday!! as in 2 days from now! I’m hoping to get some cool shots for my insta @tequilatrends so if you’re not already following, head over to see what I get up to! Of course, I’ll also be blogging all about it when I get back!

Okay, so now onto the review!! You’re hearing this hot off the press as I haven’t had time (or good weather) to take a picture for insta yet! So I purchased another t-shirt from Refuse to Conform ( ). I had wanted this shirt since the day it dropped and I finally managed to get my hands on it!


I got this one in a size small (unisex) and I love it! As we already know, the quality of refuse to conforms clothing is on point and the print is crisp and clear on all their products!

I adore the message on this t-shirt, why would you want to fit in when you can stand out!? It’s a back print and its just plain on the front, I think this makes the message stand out even more as, from the front, it could just be a plain back tee (which is also a win).

This company is honestly one of the top of my list when it comes to my favourite indie brands! They’re products are unique and ALWAYS great quality! Oh and YES THE SLEEVES ROLL!!

I FULLY recommend going over to Refuse to Conforms website and grabbing yourself a bargain! This shirt only set me back £14.99 and most of their other t-shirts are also this price! What a win!!

As always guys, thanks for reading! It’s been a crazy few months with work and insta and everything else so I really appreciate the time you take to read my posts!


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7 Deadly Sins review

First things first, I actually ordered a pride t-shirt IN TIME for my first pride event of the year! I AM AN ACTUAL ADULT!

ANYWAYYY, 7 Deadly Sins (@7_deadly_sins_clothing on insta) are a UK based company, in fact they’re based in Scotland. The designs are super unique, they’re affordable AND they have a great NEW pride collection! Oh and they have unisex sizing! ALL ROUND WIN! If you’re looking for a discount then you’ve come to the right place! Use code TEQUILA10 for 10% off! Get yourself over to (after you’ve read my review!)

I ordered one of the t-shirts from the pride collection and I literally got the parcel ON THE DAY I was going to Bradford pride! (Can you tell how happy I am with myself!?)

7 Deadly Sins Large Pride Logo T-shirt

As usual, I wanted my first purchase to have obvious branding. I LOVE how big the logo is, it definitely catches the eye which is always a bonus for me! The print is SUPER good quality, I’m not sure what it’s called but its the same type of printing that Hobo Jack use. The sizing is unisex, I ordered a size small and its the perfect fit for me (check the picture at the bottom.)

I got so many compliments when wearing this shirt, and I can honestly say this will definitely be a go to t-shirt from now on!

On another note, if you’re wondering how Bradford pride was, it was FUN! It’s a relatively small event (especially compared to Manchester) but its FREE and the venue is good! I went with my fiancee and a couple of other friends. My highlight has got to be doing handstands and cartwheels in the middle of town!

Well, that’s all from me for this week! Thanks for reading! (I really, really appreciate it!) Next week is another good one!


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Bleak World Clothing review

Its blog Tuesday!!

Okay so it’s been a minute since I posted my pictures of my shirt from @bleakworldclothing on Insta but its definitely worth a review so here we are!

This is a really cool company, they don’t restock their items so there’s only so many out there, its basically like limited edition which I think is cool! They only stock a few designs at a time so it feels like you’re getting something super original. They’re a UK based company but they ship worldwide, so where ever you are you can grab yourself a unique design at

ANYWAYYY… this is the t-shirt that I got…

Image of Bleak Heart

It’s actually still in stock and on sale for £9.99! (I won’t be mad if you get it!) This shirt is great, its unisex, like all the items and I got this one in a size small. The fit is smaller than my other recent purchases but it’s definitely not a fitted t-shirt (Thank the Lord!), I’ve actually really enjoyed wearing this and I’d say it’s definitely on my ‘go to’ list, which is a huge compliment by the way! I love finding items that you can throw on and you know will look great every time!

I’ll definitely be purchasing more from this brand, their shirts are great quality and super easy to wear, oh and I almost forgot.. THE SLEEVES STAY ROLLED! Winner!

Thanks again for reading my weekly installment! Next Tuesday is going to be a good one so keep an eye on my page!


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Refuse to Conform Review

Here we are! Blog Tuesday! I feel like it was ages ago that I posted on insta about my Refuse to Conform purchases but I’ve now finally got time to sit down and talk about what I think!

This is a brand I’ve known about for quite a while so I’m super happy that I finally got to try some of their T-shirts. Refuse to Conform is a UK based unisex brand, meaning all their clothing is for everyone which, honestly, is something I LOVE! They’re all about helping people feel comfortable being who they are! I love a brand with a good message! Their T-shirts are really affordable at around £15! Winner!

Surprise surprise, I bought two shirts…


This shirt was £14.99 which I think is soo good! I like that its a front print, unusual for me I know, but I like a change once in a while! No change in the size though (size small) and it fits perfectly! The quality is great too and THE SLEEVES STAY ROLLED!! As much as I couldn’t wear this shirt for work, I actually really appreciate the message! Be who you are, no matter what society says! I love this one!

Prairie Dust Signature Tee

My second purchase is my favourite colour! On the website its called ‘prairie dust’ but I would describe it as a kind of khaki green colour. The fit is the same as above, a little oversized on me, which is perfect in my book! I love a good obviously branded T-shirt so this one is right up my street, plus the name of the brand itself is a message I totally stand by!

Looking on the website to find the pictures for this post has already made me want to buy more! There’s soo much great stuff so I definitely recommend checking out the website ( As always, this is not a sponsored post, I’ll make that clear if and when!

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of my new wardrobe! I have more to come next Tuesday. Make sure you follow @tequilatrends on insta to see where my money goes!



Forbidden 13 Review

Remember when I spoke about my bank account crying? Well if it was crying then its having a breakdown now!

HOWEVER, more clothes mean more reviews!

I am ABSOLUTELY loving my new t-shirt from @forbidden13clothing!!

Forbidden 13 are a UK based brand, they stock soooo many great t-shirts which cost around £20, so pretty affordable! All the t-shirts are unisex, which is a massive plus for me! They have a website, insta and a facebook page so you should definitely check them out at or search them on social media! you wont regret it!

My purchase from here was an instant buy, I saw the shirt on insta and I literally had no choice but to buy it!

LOOK how amazing this t-shirt is!! Yellow is one of my favourite colours to wear, especially in the summer! (straying away from my usual choice of black!) I got this one in a size small (unisex) and it fits great on me! oversized but not too oversized. The material is quite thick but not overly, I’ll definitely be able to wear it in the summer! the quality is great, its genuinely one of the best feeling shirts I’ve bought recently! OBVIOUSLY, it’s a back print, another reason I couldn’t leave this one behind!

I also love the message of the t-shirt. I’ve always said I will never have regrets, I’ve made ALOT of bad decisions up to now but they’ve all led me to where I am now! so I’m not looking back on them because I’m right where I’m meant to be.

I REALLY couldn’t recommend this brand more, I’ll definitely be buying more! I’ve already worn this shirt and received lots of compliments, I think it’s something I’ll be wearing again and again! Go give them some love!

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings! If you’re enjoying Tequila Trends then you’re in luck! There’ll be a new post every Tuesday!


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Hit or Miss Clothing Review

First off, my bank account HATES me! I’ve literally ordered 10 t-shirts in the past week! BUT that means BLOG CONTENT!

ANYWAY, so my very first order from @hitormissclothing came today and I wasted no time trying them on and taking a few pictures! (Check them out on Insta @tequilatrends)

Hit or Miss are a UK clothing brand that ship worldwide, they’re an alternative indie brand, selling women’s and men’s clothing. They’re pretty affordable with T-shirts under £20 and hoodies under £30. They also stock plenty of other items such as hats, bags and sunglasses! If you like how they sound after my review, check them out at

I ordered two items:

I literally COULD NOT resist buying this owl t-shirt! I first saw it on Insta and could already hear my bank account crying. I ordered it on the 20th April and it came today on the 25th, 5 days later which, in my opinion is not bad!

I was on my way out when I saw the parcel in my letter box, I was so excited that I couldn’t help but run back in to open it up! I definitely wasn’t disappointed, the material feels great quality, its pretty thick and the print is clear and doesn’t seem like it will be ruined in the wash. I ordered a men’s size small, I generally buy men’s t-shirts as I prefer the fit and they usually suit my style more. However, this is a long line t-shirt and I’m only 5ft so I probably should have got the XS, I actually like the really over-sized look but keep that in mind if you decide to order!

The next item I ordered is this tank. I wanted to go for something that had obvious branding as I love promoting indie brands. The material is great quality, both the shirts feel like they will last a long time so I hope they do! I also got a men’s size small in the tank, its not long line this time but again, I probably should have ordered a XS, nevertheless, I LOVE this tank, It will be perfect for my upcoming holiday and it looks amazing on.

Overall, I’m super happy with my purchases and I’ll definitely be checking out more from Hit or Miss! They’re a great brand and have soooo many cool designs, it’s honestly really hard to choose which to order! Maybe I’ll start a collection!

If you like the look of these shirts, there’s plenty more on the Hit or Miss website so go and have a look for yourself! (I apologise to your bank account!)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the ramblings of Tequilatrends! If you enjoyed this post then keep on coming back, there’s more where this came from!



New to the game…

Last week I created a new Insta (@tequilatrends), if you came here from there, FANKS! It means alot!

I believe in indie brands, I LOVE indie brands! There’s nothing better than getting home to a package at the door, full of clothes that not everyone is wearing. Actually, I’m currently waiting for parcels from @abandonshipapparel, @hitormissclothing and @refusetoconform (go follow them on insta!).

So, this is why I created my new Insta and why I’m writing this blog. You can expect to see clothes hauls, reviews and recommendations about alternative, indie brands.

You can also expect lifestyle posts, what I’m doing, what I love, rants and probably everything in between! Oh and maybe a bit more about who I am!

I want this to be a indie fashion and lifestyle blog so if there’s anything you’d like to see from me, give me a shout!

Oh and Hi, I’m April-Tequila! I’m 26 and I live in Leeds, UK.

Follow me on Insta @tequilatrends

My fave indie brands right now (find them on insta)

@Hobojackclothing, @Hitormissclothing @refusetoconform @STAGclothing